Former Partnership Grant Recipient Bio 1

Pete Visintin

Pete Visintin

Pete Visintin graduated from Gillespie High School in 2003.  He used his Partnership $500 “Art Olson: Commemorate Your Favorite Teacher Scholarship” toward freshman tuition.

Pete earned a BA in Business Administrationin 2007 and a Masters in Business Administration in 2008, both from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.  

“When I was going through high school and college I envisioned myself working my way up the ladder for a big corporation,” says Pete.  But in the summer of 2012 he started a not-for-profitclothing line called “Fight the Fight” to raise money to help people pay large medical-related expenses.  “Since then we’ve sold thousands of shirts and donated more than $78,000 to people in need.  We’ve also hosted many large, live event fund raisers in the area to benefit Fight the Fight.

“It wasn’t until I took the plunge and started Fight the Fight in 2012 that I developed a passion for entrepreneurship,” he says.  Now, in addition to being the President & Founder of Fight the Fight, he is the Facilitator for the Macoupin County CEO Program.  This role gives him a platform to help Macoupin County high school students start their own businesses, gain real-world business experience before they graduate, and prepare them for whatever path they choose beyond high school. 

“These positions compliment each other well, as I am able to use the knowledge and experience I gain from one to benefit the students in the other,” Pete says.  His dual career and young family leave him scant time for hobbies.   “I spend all my free time with my wife Liz and our energetic two-year old daughter Zephy.  When they go to sleep I stay up and work on my business because I’m passionate about it, and it’s just what I love to do!  As an entrepreneur, now, I never stop studying, reading, experimenting, and learning to improve my business.”

Reflecting on the importance of his post-secondary education, Pete says: “I will be forever grateful to scholarship organizations like The Partnership for Educational Excellence for giving me the opportunity to attend a four-year university.  When I was younger, I was very quiet, shy, and nervous.  Going through the crucible of collegiate business school got me out of my shell - quickly - and prepared me for life after graduation.”

Pete is the son of Pete and Cathy Visintin of Gillespie.