Frequently Asked Questions

The questions listed below are some of our most asked questions with answers.  Should you need more information, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

What forms of payment can be used to make a donation?

Personal checks, cashiers checks, and major credit cards. Simply visit the donate page and choose your method of payment.

Is The Partnership able to help me with estate planning?

Several of our supporters have been kind enough to include us in their estates.  We can put you in touch with estate planning experts in this area, though we are not trained or licensed to conduct this activity ourselves.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. The Partnership is an IRS- chartered 501 (c)3 not-for-profit education foundation, so your donations are always tax deductible. Every gift, large or small, is acknowledged with a thank you letter when names and addresses are provided.  The letter includes language that makes it a receipt for tax purposes.

Can my donation be made in honor of a loved one?

Absolutely!  A donation can be made to honor any celebrations -- birthdays, anniversaries, births, holidays, or retirements.  You can also make a memorial donation.  Simply specify your wishes with your mailed donation or write us a note in the "Special Message" box when paying by credit card on the payments page. (Example: In honor of Mr. & Mrs. John Doe for their 50th Wedding Anniversary).  And please remember, when you supply names and addresses – yours and theirs --we can let the honoree or the next of kin know about your gift.  P.S.  Dollar amounts are never disclosed.

Can I ear-mark my donation?

The answer is “yes” again – within our mission!  As you check out you can choose “area of greatest need” or specify which existing scholarship you’d like to support.  Or you can launch a new scholarship.  And from time to time we make special gifts – computer hardware, for example – in cooperation with donors.  We welcome new ideas and would be willing to discuss possibilities with you.  Contact us at to discuss your wishes.

How can I sign up for the Annual “For the Love of Education” Trivia Night?

Sign up by printing and mailing the registration form or by registering online.  To learn more or to register click here.