Apply for Classroom Mini-Grant

This is our favorite program!  It’s as close as we can get to putting our faithful donors’ funds directly into the hands of the school children of CUSD7.

For the past 20+ years The Partnership has been proud to award – on average – $20,000 per semester in classroom mini-grants.   We and our benefactors have literally had an impact in every classroom, every subject, and every grade over the past two decades.

Of course, the taxpayers and school board are responsible for the fundamentals: textbooks, equipment, furnishings, and consumables.  But teachers tell us they often need more to help their students achieve.

Each simple, one-page grant application is screened by our volunteer directors.  The Partnership favors materials that can be reused by students over several years.  Projects that encourage critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and life skills receive a high priority.  Items which involve team teaching and/or interdisciplinary activities are also encouraged to magnify the benefits of donated dollars!

Mini-grant awards are not paid to the teachers but directly into each school’s activity fund.  Any unexpended funds are “recycled” to The Partnership at the end of each school year.  And, in order to stay eligible for the next year’s grants, teachers must submit evaluation forms and copies of paid invoices to The Partnership.

To apply for the classroom mini-grant, fill out the form below.

The Mini-Grant Application Form is due September 18, 2017 and Mini-Grant Evaluation Forms are due June 30, 2018.