Apply for Student Scholarship

Good news, seniors!  Applying for a $1000 academic scholarship from The Partnership is simple!  And you don't have to be a valedictorian to win one!  

In fact, most years 20 to 30 percent of GHS graduating seniors receive this tuition help.  We are looking for young people with strong character, clear goals, and a proven work ethic, regardless of class rank or GPA.

The application is as easy as 1-2-3.  Just submit:

  1. A ONE-PAGE ESSAY about your plans for further education and your career goals.

  2. A fill-in-the-blank, TWO-PAGE FORM .

  3. THREE LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION from adults. Only one may be from a CUSD7 employee. None should be from your relatives.

If you are chosen, you and your parents will receive instructions after graduation.  Ultimately $1000 will be paid directly to your school once you've registered for the first semester.

If your child is receiving a financial packet from his or her chosen school, our scholarship may be deducted from its contribution, not yours.  That means that The Partnership tuition scholarship may not be of financial benefit to you and your student.  Because college policies vary, please contact your child's school before he or she applies for a Partnership tuition scholarship.

To apply for the $1000 student scholarship, fill out the form below.

The Student Scholarship Application Form is due April 15, 2019